Winners of Free Armor and Winner of Free Change Code Name in CrossFire Philippines May 2020

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Today is Friday and it's the first day of May and we will draw the last month VIP and Barrett Account Raffle Giveaways Challenge. But unfortunately we did not reach the target goal of views and only manage to reach 1400 views therefore we will only have 1 lucky winner of Change Code Name. I am also giving away free armor for those who participated last upload and here are the winners of free armor 3 days. Congratulations for all of the winners and for those who don't managed to win better luck next time and stay tune for more updates and surprises. I do hope you like my video and don't forget to subscribe to my channel for more CFPH uploads and contents. Thank you and Stay safe at home. Stay tune for more uploads next week and I hope we will have a good maintenance and new items in CFPH. Happy Friday and weekends guys. Next upload na sa Monday.
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