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A dramatic narration with motion and sound effects of every Special Chapter of Dragon Ball Multiverse up to date through October 18th 2020! In order of Universe number!

00:00 Universe 1 - Kaioshins
02:47 Universe 3 - Bardock, Tapion, Raichi
01:02:22 Universe 4 - Zen Buu
01:13:36 Universe 6 - Bojack Gang & Kat, Syd, and May
01:22:56 Universe 7 - Gast the Super Namek
01:43:46 Universe 8 - Frost Demons
02:18:34 Universe 9 - Earthlings
02:28:15 Universe 11 - Babidi, Fat Buu, and Dabura
02:40:33 Universe 12 - Future Trunks and #16
03:01:34 Universe 13 - Super Saiyans
03:43:36 Universe 16 - Vegito
04:23:56 Universe 17 - Perfect Cell
04:26:43 Universe 18 - Dragon Team
04:33:31 Universe 20 - Broly

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These chapters were written and illustrated by many various creators

Ouv (ex Taopaipai)
Omaru Industries
Juan Nasser
Ku Kuru Yo
Yura Kim
Johan Dark
ex Scarz
Arcady Picardi
Dr Bird
Chibi Dam'Z
Gogeta Jr

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Aakash Gandhi - Chariots of War
Aakash Gandhi - Immortality
Aakash Gandhi - Invincible
Aakash Gandhi - Journeyman
Aakash Gandhi - Liquid Time
Aaron Kenny - The New Order
Anno Domini Beats - Still Standing
Artist Name - Alpha Mission
Artist Name - Devil's Organ
Audionautix - Horror Music
Biz Baz Studio - King's Men
Causmic - Business As Usual
Dan Bodan - She Died Up There You Know
David Fesliyan - Scouting Mission
Doug Maxwell - Gangsta Choir Descends
Doug Maxwell - Light Years Away
Doug Maxwell - Restless Natives
Doug Maxwell - Wild Fires
Doug Maxwell Media Right Productions - Hangin' with the Worms
Friedrich Habetler - Golden Frieza Theme
Friedrich Habetler Music - A Tyrant Revived!
Friedrich Habetler Music - Cumber Oozaru Theme
Friedrich Habetler Music - Hakai Theme
Jeremy Blake - Heaven and Hell
Jeremy Blake - Heaven and Hell Part 2
Jeremy Blake - Powerup
JVNA - Demon
Kevin MacLeod - Itty Bitty 8 Bit
Kevin MacLeod - Long Note Four
Kevin MacLeod - The Drive
MajinBlue - Xicor -Sinister Crush
MajinBlue - Broly Soundtrack Recreation
MajinBlue - Broly, Hidden Powers
MajinBlue - Carnage Rose
MajinBlue - Dark Musician
MajinBlue - Evil Forces Fused
MajinBlue - False Super Saiyan
MajinBlue - Human's Power
MajinBlue - Imperfect Cell Style
MajinBlue - Rock the Hell
MajinBlue - Saiyan Pride
MajinBlue - Saiyan-Android Fusion
MajinBlue - Sinister Crush
MajinBlue - SSGSSE Vegeta (Genkidama Theme)
MajinBlue - Super Saiyan White Gohan
MajinBlue - The Emperor, The Perfection and a God
MajinBlue - The Legend Returns
MajinBlue - The Return To Namek
MajinBlue - The Spirit Bomb
MajinBlue - True Saiyan Pride
MajinBlue - Ultra Instinct Vegito
MajinBlue - Ultra Super Saiyan 4
MajinBlue - Unexpected Entcounter
MajinBlue - Unrivalled Talent
MajinBlue - X-Fight Power
MajinBlue 9 - Sinister Crush
Mamoune Taleb - Adrenaline
Media Right Productions - Jazz In Paris
Myuu - Final Boss
Patrick Patrikios - The Awakening
Patrick Patrikios - The Battle of 1066
Peritune - Sakuya2
PokéMixr92 - Farewell, Kakarotto!
PokéMixr92 - Golden Frost Theme
PokéMixr92 - Golden Frost Theme
PokéMixr92 - King Vegeta
PokéMixr92 - Moro's Theme
PokéMixr92 - Return of a Tyrant
Roljuii - Window Demonds
Silent Partner - Lurking
Sir Cubworth - Gothic Vigilante
Sir Cubworth - Lovable Clown Sit Com
Sir Cubworth - Vacation Casual
TeknoAxe - Funk You Over
TeknoAxe - Get the Guy With The Stash
TeknoAxe - Oasis of the Ancients
TeknoAxe - Relaxing Acoustic
TeknoAxe - Small Whale
The Green Orbs - This Old Man
The Whole Other - Beyond The Lows
The Whole Other - Ether Oar
The Whole Other - Familiar Things
The Whole Other - Incoming Transition
Think I Can Help You - The Six Realms
TrackTribe - Walk With Me
Ugonna Onyekwe - Casual Desire
Ugonna Onyekwe - Inescapable
Wayne Jones - White Hats
William Rosati - Reception
Biocide - System (outro)

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