The Rambunctious Squadron Penetrates Wales - Part 1: The Grid Gwartheg of Doom!

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The squadron rides again! Featuring the Grid Gwartheg of Doom!! Huzzah!

We have a lovely start to the ride to Thankfully the weather forecast had ZERO precipitation all day all over Wales! Huzzah!!

Maybe we were You'll have to watch to find out!

Do we make it to camp?
Do we defeat the cattle grid of doom?
What's your favourite colour?!

Answers to these questions and many more in this featurette!

We sincerely hope that you enjoy!

Tally Bally Ho!

The Captain.

Thanks as always to my wingmen Phil480 and Badger Leader Bigglesworth

Phil480's YouTube channel:

Badger Bigglesworth's YouTube channel:

Captain Rambunctious's Motorcycle: Triumph Speedmaster 1200
Phil480's Motorcycle: Tiger 800 XC
Bigglesworth's Motorcycle: Triumph Thruxton R 1200

And new embroidered patches for sale! WOOF!:

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Twitter: @CptRambunctious


Helmet Camera: Drift Ghost HD
Other Cameras: GoPro Hero 2s.
Mic: Standard lapel mic with foam cover

Helmet: Schuberth S2

Editing Software: Final Cut Pro X
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