[The Pet War] Fundy VS Sapnap Duel (Dream SMP)

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All clips belong to Fundy, I am just a fan who make videos for fun.
The VOD:
Tubbo's POV:

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Thunder1408 (Jack Manifold):

0:00 Intro
0:14 Tubbo support
2:29 Fundy and Sapnap meet up
3:50 The rules and negotiation
7:15 Duel begins
8:45 Break
10:00 Duel continues
11:09 Rematch
28:04 Sapnap's one last message

Fundy and Sapnap finally decided to settle the Pet War that has been going on for two weeks with a duel. Inspired and with a similar setup to the MrBeast video Technoblade vs Dream duel, they fought for 11 rounds on the Dream Team SMP server. All the things that have lead up to this, Fungi Fundy's fox and TommyInnit's cow's death, the fish that were stolen from Niki Nihachu and Sapnap's kidnapped It was a duel for all the marbles, and the official end to the Dream SMP Pet War.
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