Stimulus Update & Daily News Briefing - Saturday December 19th

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Your second stimulus check update, $600 stimulus check, stimulus package update, vaccine update, news update, and stimulus check 2 update for Saturday December 19th. Everything you need to know!

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Stimulus news
After a long day yesterday the House and Senate voted in favor of the stopgap extension. This gives Congress until Sunday at midnight Eastern time to reach a resolution both on government funding and stimulus relief.

Taking some time to really look into the possibility of not only COVID relief passing this weekend but direct stimulus checks being included in that bill:

We know the economists are calling for checks, we know the people are calling for them, and up until the end of the week checks were not going to be included in the next relief package.

Then in the last hour a decision was made to include checks and combine a stimulus bill with a government funding bill.

This is a huge step in the right direction however checks may turn out to be smaller than what people would want.

The odds are we will check a check size of $600 to $700.

With the stop gap extension being 48 hours and if we know anything about our legislators they will ride this extension all the way up until the last moment.

Yet again, more kinks needed to be ironed out.

The main issues of argument right now is Democrats are saying the GOP is trying to shutdown the Treasury and Fed’s credit lending facilities

Republicans are saying Democrats are trying to include FEMA funding so they can later repurpose it as state funding. (an area that they agreed to remove from these negotiations)

And both sides are debating on who should receive stimulus checks as well as the total amount each check should be.

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