SIGIL - DEAN OF DOOM - Episode 7

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Welcome to Dean of Doom, the show where we give grades to classic and contemporary Doom wads. Why? Because ranking things is fun. Today’s episode will be dedicated to SIGIL, a nine-level, spiritual continuation of The Ultimate Doom designed by John Romero himself. Outside of two Knee Deep in the Dead level remakes, Romero hadn’t designed a Doom map since 1995’s Thy Flesh Consumed, but the positive reception to those remakes prompted him to create Sigil, which was released in 2019, and loosely intended to coincide with Doom’s 25th anniversary. Sigil was big news in the Doom community and the video game world in general, but was met with mixed reception upon release. Romero designed these maps for limit-removing ports but restricted himself to stock Doom assets and monsters, which is important to keep in mind while appraising this wad.

I’ll be playing the latest version of Sigil, , which if you played or watched gameplay of the original release, you’ll find that the update is a little more charitable with monster placements and chainguns. Also, I’m going to have to disappoint the Buckethead fans, because we’re not going to use his soundtrack. I like Buckethead, but to me, his tunes just don’t quite jive with Doom, and the MIDIs courtesy of my man Jimmy Paddock are too good to pass up. You’ll see.

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