Shiny Star V Update - More Cards Confirmed! New Type of Holo! (Most Exciting Pokémon TCG Set)

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We're all excited for Shiny Star V, now we have extra info. Yay! Come see!

Lysandre is Back:
Release Schedule Update:
Pokémon TCG is Crushing:
Grookey on the Ball and Other Weird Promos:
New Type of Pokémon Card Coming:
Huge New Release Update:
Weird News (& Amazing New Product):
Shiny Star V Revealed:
Special 25th Anniversary Set Revealed:
New Set Names Revealed - What Do They Mean?:
Sword & Sheld 5 (New Set) News:
Awesome New Promos:
Weird New Products Revealed:
Pikachu VMAX is Super Rare & Expensive:
Silly Expensive Zarude:
Amazing New Products:
Shedinja is Actually Broken:
New Snorlax is Awesome:
New Products & Machamp:
Brand New Pokémon Game:
Players Cup Champion:
Vivid Voltage Promos Revealed:
Vivid Voltage Official Reveal:
Weirdest Pokémon TCG Product:

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