Let’s Replay Doom 3 BFG Edition #28: Darkness, The Unmentioned Foe [Strobe Warning]

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Be advised that this video may contains scenes not suitable for people who suffer from epilepsy. Viewer discretion is advised.

While I’ve been focusing a lot of attention on all the enemies that we’ve been facing during this disaster, one of them has remained both ever-present and impossible to permanently defeat: darkness. Capable of hiding both enemies, hazards and goodies all at once, the facility we’re in is rife with gloomy corners and corridors of pitch black. Our torch is somewhat effective at lighting the way but its limited battery means we need to use it tactically which of course means that it’ll run out whenever I need it most.

The original game made light an even bigger problem by having the torch be a weapon as opposed to mounted on our armour. While that did mean that it never ran out of battery it also robbed you of your long range power which is the best way to keep your face still attached to you. Granted, the game doesn’t often throw REALLY dangerous foes at you in the dark but even the humble imp can rip you to pieces in no short order if you let it.

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