Learn Thriller Dance -- Part 13 of 40 clips

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"Lesson 3 - Shuffle Ha Slide - Demo"
The OFFICIAL Thrill The World videos for ALL events!!!!
Join us in breaking last year's record by dancing with us this year: Sat. Oct. 25/ Sun. Oct. 26, 2008 (depends on where you are in the )
Go to for more info on the 2008 Thrill The World events!
For a list of the video clip names and how to use the videos/DVD
Also on our site: join existing TTW events, Register your own TTW 2008 event, Buy these teaching videos on DVD for less than $ CAD.

It seems like a lot of videos but that's because this is a thorough Teaching Video Series/DVD. Most clips are very short and do not need to be watched more than a few times.
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