Jazz Improvisation Masterclass - Mapping Out Blue Bossa

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Jazz Improvisation Masterclass - Mapping Out Blue Bossa.

New Year equals a New Series. Instead of making empty resolutions like so many other musicians; let’s DO something with ours. In this video, you’re going to get a map of targets over the Jazz Standard: Blue Bossa.

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Hi, my name is Jason Klobnak and I’m a jazz trumpeter from Denver, CO that helps musicians like you find a better way to improvise. If you’re looking for a quick jazz improvisation tip that will help your soloing then you’ve come to the right place!

When the calendar flipped over to 2021 – many of us looked at what we accomplished and what DIDN’T get done. One thing that’s been on my resolution list every year is to learn MORE standards that I don’t know, re-visit one’s that are forgotten, and to be able to play one’s that I’m familiar with in keys that don’t usually get called. So I wanted to invite you into this journey with me.

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