IMPROVISATION - 4 WORDS METHOD (1/3) ♥️????⚽️⚾️????????

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IMPROVISATION - 4 WORDS METHOD (1/3) ♥️????⚽️⚾️????????

Improvisation means that your story,
your project, your life is flowing!
Like a river which runs down through

valleys, mountains, soil, fields and stones.

In order to keep the story flowing
you need to think and provide
possible paths and options! This lets you

dynamically decide which way to go!

You can decide how to go, when to
turn, what to do, what not to do,
go deeper or stay on the surface.

You remain your own director!

The 4-Words method takes maximum
60 Minutes and trains you in option
building and improvisation. Start to

empower yourself with only 4-Words a day!

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