Every Level Super P.E.K.K.A & Battle Machine VS Every Level Tesla Formation | Clash of Clans

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Today we gonna see Super and Battle Machine in action. They will compete to be the first to defeat max level tesla formation. These two guys will show their maximum capability in defeating teslas. Super PEKKA, Battle Machine, and Tesla are electronic device in Builder Base Clash of Clans. Who will be the best electronic device in Clash of Clans?

Battle Machine is hero in Clash of Clans Builder Base. Unlike heroes from home village, Battle Machine can use his ability multiple time with considerably long cooldown. He have ability to summon lightning to strike his hammer so he can deal more damage. Battle Machine has 30 level which is not many for heroes. He has decent hitpoint therefore decent durability combined with his ability he can survive for pretty long duration. Battle Machine can deal massive damage when his hammer is powered up by lightning (overclocked) but not so much on normal mode.

Super is basically PEKKA in Builder Base version. It's overpowered as normal PEKKA but in Builder Base Clash of Clans. It can deal massive amount of damage even one hit some defenses followed by big chunk of hitpoint to withstand enemies damage. Please note that Super PEKKA is not super troops but it has special ability that triggered when it destroyed. Super PEKKA will explode and deal decent amount of last damage to enemies near it. Like PEKKA from Home Village, Super PEKKA is decent to be compared with heroes (Battle Machine).

Tesla Formation refer to group of Teslas including Mega Tesla and Hidden Tesla. They are arranged in such a way for aesthetic and for the purpose of this video. Tesla Formation will be the main antagonist in this anime ark. Super PEKKA and Battle Machine will compete to destroy Tesla Formation. Tesla Formation can deal decent damage to single troops and Mega Tesla's chain lightning doesn't really matter here. What make tesla formation such a good enemies for Super PEKKA and Battle Machine is because tesla attack with its lightning zap while Super PEKKA and Battle Machine also manipulating lightning. So yeah pure aesthetic since element doesn't really matter in Clash of Clans.

Who's gonna win this epic race?
Super PEKKA with his sword?
Battle Machine with his hammer?
Tesla Formation with whatever reason they have?


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