Eureka: Introduction | Improvisation Leadership in the Ear Training Classroom

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Eureka is a digital guidebook to enhance in the use of improvisation in the musicianship classroom. Though Eureka is catered to the Columbia community, anyone can use Eureka to learn tips and strategies on how to structure and implement improvisation for music ear training. Please visit Eureka at:

Peter Susser, Principal Investigator
Department of Music, Columbia University

Improvisation is a platform for social diversity in the musicianship classroom that is inclusive of varying student abilities and musical interests. It is an invaluable tool in the presentation, retention and evaluation of musical skills acquisition because it is both a mode of learning and the thing that is itself learned. In the process, improvisation pedagogies build student confidence within and beyond the subject matter at hand because the improvised moment is experienced as the incarnation of an idea that is transformed into a technique.
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