Dragon City: Ra Dragon | NEW League Battle 400 [MAX LEVEL] ????

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∎ Dragon City: Ra Dragon | NEW League Battle 400 [MAX LEVEL] ????
Ra Dragon vs Pharaoh Dragon in the League Battle 400 with Random LEGENDARY DRAGON in Dragon City!

When the Ra Dragon was just a hatchling with Pharaoh Dragon, he has grown, so has his kingdom of worshipers in the Egyptian Pyramid Island. The Ra Dragon can be trained with moves from 4 different element types, as a result it can deal strong damage to dragons with primary elements of Primal, Plant, and Ice Element in Dragon City!

How to Breeding Ra Dragon in Dragon City 2020? ????
Pharaoh Dragon is not Currently Breedable. Sorry.

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Dragon City is FREE to download and FREE to play. There are over 80 million Dragon Masters in Dragon City. What are you waiting for? Join the game and build your city today!

- Complete the Dragon Book! There are over 1000 dragons to breed and collect to make your city grow!
- New dragons join the game every week through breeding events and special islands.
- Enjoy the adventure at the Quests and play against other Masters in the PvP Arenas to collect exclusive dragons, claim Warrior’s Chests, and climb up the leader-boards!
- Be social: Join Alliances to play and battle with other masters, chat with them, collaborate in Alliance Races, and open Alliance Chests.

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