Doom Metal Guitars: First Act Double Cut DC-9

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C-Standard Tuning: C-F-A#-D#-G-C

Gear Used for this demo:
First Act Custom Shop DC-12 / DC-9
Does It Doom FUZZCOVEN Silicon Fuzz
Orange OR120 Overdrive Amp
Two Notes Torpedo CAB M+


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This week I'm finally getting around to demoing my recently acquired First Act Custom Shop DC-9/12. I have been hunting a DC-9 for nearly a decade, so it has been really fun to get to play one. Keep in mind that this sort of conversion can be accomplished on any 12-string guitar!

This particular DC-12 is roughly 10% smaller than all of the other DC-6's I've owned, and also has a slightly thinner body (" vs. the more typical "). In terms of playability, I find it almost more like an SG than a LP, although it has the sustain more typical to a LP. The scale length is ". In terms of weight, it's right at

The guitar is setup in C-Standard Tuning with the following string gauges , , , , , , , ,
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