Doom Eternal - Horde Mode by proteh - Nightmare

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Horde mode by proteh (), my first clear on nightmare difficulty.

This was quite slow, probably could have played a bit more aggressive considering I had 6 extra lives left, but I wasn't sure for how long it was going to go on and how difficult the later parts would be.

And of course never enough destroyer blade, decided to go with arbalest most of the time because it's quicker and more effective against cacodemons and pain elementals which are probably the biggest threat.

Nightmare wasn't too bad with the extra lives for me, I had some silly deaths (loss of extra life) early on, but just a couple on the later part. Of course when you know what's ahead it gets a bit easier. Constant fear of crashes will make UNM a bit stressful though.

Had a couple of attempts before this one that crashed, if the game crashes you either go back to the start or probably go far back in the second part. So not quite my first attempt, but first attempt where I didn't crash.

I'll probably do another nightmare playthrough, just a bit faster.
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