Doom Eternal - Have Empowered Demons Changed?

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Empowered Demons were introduced to doom eternal back with update 1. Initially empowered demons were only active with an internet connection and sported the name of the slayer that the demon had killed in a specific area of a level, as an example if a player died to a whiplash at the end of the icon of sin there was a chance that you would face that empowered demon at the end of the icon of sin with the name of the slayer that he had killed. A few hotfixes back idsoftware had changed the Empowered Demons to act a bit differently no longer showing the name of the slayer they had killed while "increasing the frequency" of empowered demon spawns. Besides this empowered demons in doom eternal essentially were to act the same along with a required internet connection in order to work.

The other day while playing doom eternal offline however I was still running into empowered demons. With demons no longer sporting the names of the slayers they have killed combined with my experience of dealing with these enemies in offline mode is there a deeper reason behind this?are these changes a resulting of play testing with invasion mode?

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