David Does Doom - 2048 Units of /vr/ - 1

11 Просмотры
2048 Units of VR is a megawad made collaboratively by members of the /vr/ board!

00:00 Preamble
00:38 MAP01 Gatehouse (Spooky Cacodemon)
10:34 MAP02 You're a Drunk Loser, and Not the Cool Kind (Aan)
18:11 MAP03 Roundabout Cliffside (Sandsculker)
25:11 MAP04 Lobachevsky Overdrive (Khodoque)
30:32 MAP05 Arrogance and Contempt (EnragedEggplant)
38:22 MAP06 An Appointment with Mr Pain (ViolentBeetle)
45:50 MAP07 Forsaken Stockades (Chopblock223)
1:00:50 MAP08 Belial's Bachelor Pad (Repugnus)
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